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As a leading company in Middle East , we strive to produce all our projects 100% successful. Even though we have already secured the positive values and good will among our costumers. Client satisfaction is our prime goal.With the mission of building a vivid future for our clients, we have been storing many successful projects in our gallery. As we believe that the world goes behind creative ideas, we choose to deliver our services more innovative rather than being conceptual.

We are certified to design, fabricate and maintain all the cutting, machinery repair works and the like. With the astonishing history, our customers are guided by our expertise professionals.


One of our traits is the relationship we maintain with our customers is strong and healthy. Our staffs submit their presence any time for your assistance.

MetalFab has over years owned reputation that is rock solid.while its reputation is reflected in the edifices that it has built,the respect and trust that continues to enjoy can be gauged from the words of its Costumers.To metalfab professionalism is a combination of competence, technology, skills and dedication.

This professionalism that has won for us many prestigious projects in a variety of market segments and encourages us to aim for greater challenges all the time. we are introducing you one of the finest companies based in Qatar, ‘Metalfab Trading wll’! Metalfab marks something unique that others fail to accomplish. Metalfab specializes in design, fabrication and maintenance by delivering services such as 3D design, structure load calculation, wind calculation and 2D drafting.


We Handle Every Project as Our Dream Project!


Metalfab is best known for its unique design and calculation approach!


Fabrication is a multifaceted process, requires sharp knowledge.


Metalfab provides you skilled tradesmen and equipment for the maintenance.

What more are you expecting? When it comes to steel, we are the ones to call, contact us now!

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