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Fabrication is a multifaceted process, requires sharp knowledge, skills and resources to get it done. Metalfab has been equipped with requirements needed for fabrication process. Along with the expensive equipment’s, Metalfab has an expert team of fabricators who can provide complete solutions for custom-fabricated architectural and mechanical projects.

Metalfab works on various metal fabrications but our special fabricators team is exclusively skilled in stainless steels, carbon steels, architectural metals and aluminum fabrication for caravan, civil and mechanical branches. Especially for architectural metal fabrication, to create modern construction environment, Metalfab is equipped with rare qualities of technology and experienced craftsmanship to fabricate and install to the highest standards.

Fabricators perform the process by ideation, blueprint/drawing creation, converting blueprint into shop drawings, cutting and drilling steel beams, piece etching, component assembly, custom part machination and component finishing. On the other hand, our team also works on welding process including wire feed, TIG and submerged Arc welding for Aluminum, Carbon steel and stainless steel.

Metalfab provide steel fabrication services beyond your imagination! In modern homes and industries, everything looks adorable with a finest fabrication works. With this in mind, Metalfab provides quality fabrication works at the compromising deals.

Portable Cabin
Pipe Bollard
Custom Aluminum Body For Truck
Portable Caravan Kitchen Unit
Stainless Steel Cage Ladder
Fabric Car Shed
Water Tank
Mud Tank
Kitchen Cabinet

Get your fabrication works artistically done by our fabricators team!